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6969e11a 1version 0.7.8 2008-02-02 (xChaos)
3- improved Enterprise Research and Planning (ERP) section
4- added informational messages before running iptables-restore
5- fixed behaviour of "...-magic-relative-prio 0" + "...-fixed-fixed-prio 0"
6- "filter-type classify" prometheus.conf keyword tested in production enviroment
ae776b10 7- log file /var/log/prometheus renamed to /var/log/prometheuslog
8- credit file /var/run/prometheus.credit moved to /var/lib/misc
6969e11a 9
10version 0.7.7 2008-01-??
6866ba03 11
12- testing version, 0.8 will be stable release
13- faster startup times using iptables-restore (credit: Martin "Ludva" Svoboda)
14- compiles and runs correctly on both 32bit and 64bit platforms
3b267509 16version 0.7 2007-01-29
a4f661fc 17
18- There were good reasons to rename iptables hashing to iptables indexing.
19 Hashing is different algorithm, which offers constant complexity
20 independent on number of hashed entries and high memory requirements, while
21 iptables indexing used in Prometheus offers log8(N) complexity and relatively
22 low memory requirements compared to hashing.
23- Multiple keywords can be defined and used in /etc/hosts-like nodelist,
24 which allows definition of various data limits for different users or
25 definition of both symetrical and asymetrical virtual lines in same config.
26- Following prometheus.conf variables were made keyword-dependent:
27 KEYWORD-magic-relative-limit, KEYWORD-magic-relative-prio,
28 KEYWORD-magic-fixed-limit, KEYWORD-magic-fixed-prio, KEYWORD-,
29- Following new prometheus.conf keyword-dependent variables were added:
30 KEYWORD-html-color
31- Following prometheus.conf variables were removed as obsolete and confusing:
32 htb-ceil-bonus-divide, htb-ceil-divide
34version 0.6 2006-06-29
36- Hyper-optimized iptables hashing (automatic, but compile-time configurable)
37- Option hashtable-treshold was made now obsolete
38- No "Proxy" column in statistics when qos-proxy-enable is set to 0
39- iptables verbose output parsing was rewritten
40- Unfinished implementation of some pps limiting and soft-restart related code
41- Maybe I have changed something else too, but it was long time since last release
43version 0.5.3 2005-08-15
45- Predictable error messages generated by tc and iptables were
46 redirected to /dev/null
47- magic-fixed-prio and magic-relative-prio can be used even with
48 magic-fixed-limit and magic-relative-limit set to 0
49- Minor bugs in data initializtion were fixed, so program should
50 compile and run also on exotic non-X86 plaforms like BusyBox Linux
52version 0.5.2 2005-06-19
54- Fixed long integer traffic counter overflow at 4 gigabytes (up or down)
55- Fixed incorrect inclusion of http proxy traffic in direct traffic
56- Fixed incorrectly displayed parameters of asymetrical upload (Jakub Walczak)
57- Dry run (-d switch) output beautification
58- Added check if minimum data transfer value is greater then 0 kbps
59- magic-priorities added, allows better soft-shaping wihtout reducing HTB ceil
61version 0.5.1 2005-03-22
63- Fixed serious bug in 0.5 release
65version 0.5 2005-03-21
67- Better compatibility with up-to-date gcc and new HTB in 2.6.x kernel
68- Enterprise Research and Planning (ERP) analysis implemented
69- Credit file support implemented (for use with magic-relative-limit)
70- magic-relative-limit-4prio now allows softer FUP using HTB prio
71- digital-divide-weirdness-ratio added, only tested value is "2"
72- qos-leaf-discipline and other new prometheus.conf keywords added
74version 0.4 2004-11-02
76- HTTP proxy traffic accounting bug fixed (occured with hashed iptables)
77- free bandwith traffic shaping (allowed unlimited upload with hashing)
78- maximal guaranted speed increased to 2048 kbps (just tc namespace problem)
79 (Read: it seems that maximum index of tc classes is restricted to 10000)
80- qos-proxy-ip can be inside qos-free-zone even if qos-proxy-enable
81 (Read: Single machine can run NAT/firewall, HTTP proxy and Prometheus QoS)
82- command line argument -n (no delay) overrides qos-free-delay keyword
83 (Read: Separate configuration file for first run and daily run is not needed)
84- traffic from unregistered IPs is monitored even with hashing enabled
86version 0.3 2004-10-13
88- massive performance improvement thanks to hashing of iptables
89- hashtables for /24 subnets are forced if there are 256+ traffic classes
90- hashtables can be forced using new option hashtable-treshold)
91- qos-free-zone is now optional (use qos-free-zone 0)
92- minor bug fix: -h command line arugment now overrides config file
94version 0.2 2004-09-20
96- daily logging of data transfered in individual traffic classes
97- preview feature (create HTML hall of fame without reseting counters)
98- delay feature (useful for creating QoS-free period without reseting counters)
99- <A NAME=""> anchors with hostnames of individual traffic classes
100- tested succesfuly on our upgraded 10Mbps-full duplex, <1000 packets/sec
102version 0.1
104- initial release
105- tested succesfuly on our 3Mbps-full duplex line
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