2008-01-08  xchaostarget "make deb" + skript pro tvorbu debianiho balicku
2008-01-06  aquariusadded patch needed to run on redhat platforms and added...
2008-01-05  aquariusupdated cron scripts so they will not need screen to run
2008-01-05  aquariusminor manual cleanup
2008-01-05  aquariusdefined crontab file as config with noreplace option...
2008-01-05  aquariusupdated Makefile and prometheus.spec to include manpage...
2008-01-05  aquariusAdded draft of prometheus.conf manpage
2008-01-04  aquariusMakefile edited so now prometheus.cron is installed...
2008-01-04  aquariuscron scripts definitely needed cleanup, so here it...
2008-01-03  xchaoschangelog
2008-01-03  aquariusfirst draft of prometheus manual page
2008-01-02  gandalfPresunuti sekce "releases" do Downloads
2007-12-29  xchaosodstranen "warning: implicit declaration of function...
2007-12-29  xchaosodstranen warning: suggest parentheses around && within ||
2007-12-28  aquariussync spec file to latest version
2007-12-28  xchaosverze docasne snizena na 0.7.7
2007-12-28  ludvikfixed some compilation warnings
2007-12-27  xchaoszvyseni verze na 0.8.0 - vyvojova, netestovana
2007-12-27  ludvikcll1.h added lloption macro
2007-12-08  xchaosTicket #1 bugfix: cll1.h verze 0.6.1
2007-12-08  xchaosreorganizace
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